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AMR Global Services

AMR Global is continually working on methods to help its clients effectively source products from all regions of the world and move them to the market in the United States, canada and Europe. We work with our customers to complete the entire sales cycle from sourcing to delivery of goods to end customers. We work with the largest big-box retailers to effectively sell merchandise and obtain additional purchase orders.

  • Product Development

    We utilize our unique menu of services, expertise and partnerships to develop products that will add value to our customers’ wide range of products. Our objective is to deliver products that will profitably impact clients’ business.

    • Broad insight into consumer trends
    • Engineering and design capability
    • Access to low-cost manufacturing venues
    • Intellectual Property Protection
    • Ability to commercialize products from concept to finished goods
    • Packaging Development and Design Services
    • Product Line Extensions
    • Life Cycle Product Management

  • Sourcing

    Our relationship with multiple high quality and ethically responsible factories across the globe allows us to deliver cost-effective solutions.

    • Extensive on-site factory evaluation
    • In-line and finished goods inspections
    • Control and administration of the packaging process
    • Door to door delivery
    • Knowledge of international labor laws
    • Established labor and working condition policies coupled with over

  • Product Support

    AMR Global’s services do not stop once your products hit the shelves. We also provide a complete post-purchase service solution and customer service staff.

    Our Customer Service Representatives(CSRs) are highly trained. Additionally, they provide instant digital access to assembly instructions, schematics, and any other data relevant to supporting a product. This information allows our CSRs to immediately fax or email relevant documentation to customers.

  • Logistics

    AMR Global’s Logistics Team possesses many years of experience facilitating the process of planning, executing and delivering products to our customers.

    • Inventory Forecasting
    • Order Management with Multiple Factories
    • Container Consolidation and De-consolidation